Self-Service Technology Trends For 2012

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The New Year has arrived and with it comes optimism for the upcoming year for the self-service industry. Technology is constantly advancing and sectors undergo trends which can be easily predicted based on the latest gadgets and gizmos. Here at Protouch kiosk manufacturers, we strive to be up-to-date with the latest industry news. The has scoured the industry to talk to experts on what the major trends for 2012 might be and the findings reveal that;

– The retail sector is to embrace the technology the most

– Mobile technology will rise

– The health care industry will cut costs by deploying technology

– Vending machines


Touch screen kiosks are extremely beneficial for many areas but the retail and consumer good division is particularly helpful. According to the new verdicts, retailers will clinch kiosk solutions and tablets more than ever before and invest in the technology to increase growth. An in-store kiosk can display information on products that are only available online and by being deployed on the floor; consumers can interact and look through transactions easily and quickly. They are also a great alternative due to low cost maintenance.


The trend of mobile is already present but this is set to grow in the upcoming year with smartphone technology being the instrument that transcends all platforms for convenience and allows the shopper the greatest experience at home and on the move.


The UK government has cut a lot of public spending in order to tackle the country’s deficit and in a bid to reduce costs; the health care sector will reap self-service technology. Only last year did we save around £80,000 at The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust after it deployed check-in and information kiosks from Protouch.


There have been multiple examples of touch screen vending kiosks such as wine dispensing kiosks, ice cream dispensing technology, bread distributing and rail ticketing. Industry experts forecast that more vending kiosks will arise over 2012.