Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks Aid Airports: Lily Allen In Need Of Touch Screen Advice

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Many airlines globally are deploying touch screen technology to check-in its passengers more efficiently. A traveller can check themself in, including their baggage, and print out their tickets all without the need of airport staff. Instead, it can all be done via a ticketing kiosk. And this is exactly what celebrity Lily Allen should have known, before she forked out money to print off important documentation. The “Smile” singer, who recently announced that she is expecting a baby on her wedding day to partner Sam Cooper, tweeted her upset and wrath online after an altercation with Ryanair. The 26 year-old was left disgruntled when she was forced to hand over £40 to print off a boarding pass ahead of her flight to Dublin, in Ireland last week. She furiously sent a message on the social networking site Twitter, saying: “Ryan Air have just charged me 40 quid to print out my boarding pass. Unbelievable.” “Oh, and now they've taken it off of me. 40 pounds for a piece of paper that was mine for approx. 7 mins, wow….” Many self-service units are deployed at airports so the passenger can print off their documentation beforehand. In some kiosks there are additional fees and extra charges but not to the extent of £40. The technology has been proven to improve customer satisfaction and better queuing times.

Frontier Airlines claims that almost 70% of its passenger check-ins nowadays take place at a kiosk or online. The functions like the printer enable holidaymakers to print off the receipt which is hugely beneficial for those who do not have a printer at home. The touch screen interface also helps customers allocate their own seat selections. Furthermore, the kiosks reduce labour costs and streamline the process for passengers. In the General Conditions section of the airline website, it states that there is a £40 or 40 euro 'Airport Boarding Card Re-issue Fee'. The English recording artist- turned-designer was travelling to Ireland to launch her Lucy In Disguise collection with her sister Sarah Owen. Save billions of pounds a year and let Protouch help your passengers print tickets off and check-in quicker. Simply click here to find out more…