Shine At A Touch Screen Kiosk Trade Show With These Top Tips

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A trade show and expo is a fantastic opportunity to interact and network with potential clients as well as display your best performing kiosks. Exhibitions are a brilliant way to get your brand noticed, maximise exposure and get possible sales that you wouldn’t necessarily have done beforehand. This is partially because you can reach a varying range of audiences but what use is hosting a stand if you are not going to shine out from your competition and draw attention? Protouch is often sponsoring and exhibiting at prestigious and renowned tradeshows up and down the country. As Europe’s number one manufacturer and distributor of touch screen technology, we are often showcasing multifunctional and self-service kiosks in order to help companies find how kiosks can benefit their business and what advantages they can bring for customers. The has put together some top tips on making your kiosk stand pop out at a tradeshow. It is integral that a spectacle of sights and sounds is displayed to draw the crowds to your stand and therefore Protouch feature a vast array of different kiosks from all industry sectors.

Promote through marketing

It is useless going to so much effort in your stand if no-one knows you are going to be there so use marketing tactics and social media ahead of the big day to let people know where and when you will be located in the show. Distribute press release, write blogs, utilise social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and increase the traffic to promote your stand.

Dazzle in lights

They say never read a book by its cover but still people do. Presentation is key so attract audiences in with lights, colours, sounds and movement. You don’t have to host a bright pink stand to get attention but why not use flashing lights, shimmery fabric or a laser projection to give your stand that edge. Make a strong impression with a big banner and grab client’s focus quickly.

– Look professional

If you appear professional then people will assume you are professional and take your service seriously. A full suit is not necessarily needed but a smart top and trousers that are clean and crisp portray expertise.

– Stand up and be noticed

Don’t sit down on the job! It discourages people to visit your stand as it comes across that you’re disinterested and bored. Look lively and energetic and customers will want to talk to you. Be on your feet, interact with them and draw them into your stand; don’t make them do all the hard work. Make sure someone always mans the stand though and wear comfortable shoes. Come check out Protouch at the Kiosk London Expo 2011 at the Barbican Centre on 19th-20th October and see their leading self-service kiosk solutions that are in demand; and find out how they can benefit your business.