Solar Powered Touch Screens And Bike Kiosks

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A touch screen kiosk can be already deployed in many car parks, both indoor and outdoor, in order to take payments from car users. The advantages of kiosks in this transport sector include consistent and valuable service 24 hours a day. This is extremely beneficial in that most car parks are typically self-service and non-staff attended. But as well as paying to park a car via a touch screen unit, one can now rent out a bike. Bike kiosks are being deployed in various countries in an effort to encourage the public to ditch their cars at home, be green and go for an environmentally-friendly bike ride.

Some stations in America consist of bike racks with bicycles attached to a solar-powered touch screen kiosk where members can swipe cards to rent bikes. Citizens can pay a set figure for all day, or have free trips that are 30 minutes or less. The bike kiosks will require the same approach as outdoor kiosks in that they need to be designed specifically to handle the environment and elements. The units should be sturdy, highly robust, weather-proof and readable in the high glare sunlight. In urban areas, vandalism is rife so ensure the machines and the display screens are anti-vandal; and that it is made from powerful material such as special anodized aluminium and special powder paint for outdoor use. An internal heating/ventilation system is essential to keep the PC at optimum running temperature and a water proof shell. The bike kiosks can be stabilised and secured through bolts set into a purpose-set concrete base and a sophisticated locking mechanism. So why not go for a leisurely bike ride with the partner and kids this summer with the help of a bike kiosk!