Pro-Touch Rolls Out More Protouch Touch Screens

Back to all News have recently bought 20 JJB stores, which they plan to upgrade by rolling out more Protouch touch screens. With 4000 touch screens already in place from Protouch, Sportsdirect have also acquired a further 400 units of the Geode2 17” touch screens for their new stores. required an easy-to-use system that manages their large flow of customers and improves their customer's shopping experience. These latest commercial grade touch screens have been put in place to boost the efficiency of the shops’ services, by accelerating processes, reducing queuing times and augmenting customer service. All in all, these improvements help to keep customers happy and in turn, maximise sales.

Protouch aim to meet the company's needs, in supplying reliable touch screen hardware and software, within set time frame and budget. Get in touch if your retail business needs a boost.