The Importance Of Touch Screen Technology Being Accessible To All Users

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The firm behind the deployment of DVD-rental kiosks has been sued by an advocate group that claims that they discriminate against blind customers. Redbox has been taken to court by a San Francisco group that is campaigning on behalf of the visually impaired, who allege that the rental touch screen kiosks make it impossible or difficult for visually impaired customers to use the technology. The activists, “Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired”, say that the advancement of technology is limiting for the visually impaired. One legally blind supporter argues that she enjoys sharing movies with her sighted husband and their son but that she is left feeling embarrassed and helpless when trying to use the units. Kiosk technology has been installed across industry sectors in airports, retail, and hospitality, but the design needs to consider accessibility for everyone.

Protouch offer guidance on the placement of touch screen technology in order to enable all users use the kiosk. By featuring internet access on the machines, help instructions can also be offered to those few people who find it difficult to use, not just the disabled. Further advice is to provide audio features to help instruct consumers use the technology. The advocates reported that they sued Redbox in the hope it will encourage other companies to include accessible software. Here at Protouch, we believe that it is vital that all units tend to a customer’s needs and are designed appropriately to ensure the person can access it with ease and without effort. Whether someone has difficulties reading and needs a specially designed kiosk that increases their confidence and ability; or a wheelchair user cannot reach the interface display, it is important that the touch screen technology is accessible for all and does not discriminate.