Top Tips For Developing Kiosk Software

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7 Top Tips to create a better user experience when developing your kiosk software.

1. Keep the customer as the focal point

Considering the user before making any decisions is the key to creating a positive self-service experience. This is dependent on the ease of use and simplicity. Your software should be easy to browse, easy to understand and easy to operate by the average Joe.

2. Offer multi-lingual options

Providing multi-language support in your kiosk software widens the profile of users and enhances the user experience. Especially for deployment in high traffic locations where there will be varied types of users or where clear communication is imperative.

3. Minimise the need for manual intervention

The success of your software process will be determined by how well it works from beginning to end without extra assistance. Your automated system aims to make repeated processes efficient and painless.

4. Review the metrics

Measuring the costs and controlling the quality of your software will lead to success. Strive for perfection and aim to constantly improve performance to meet both the business and user needs.

5. Create a visual hierarchy

It is compulsory the process is made simple for the user, knowing which buttons to press when. The screen should display a visual order for example; the important indicators must draw the users attention before other on screen elements. Icons can gain importance through the use of differential size, colour and placement.



6. Choose a well-designed user interface

There is no point investing in top of the range kiosk software if the interface isn’t sufficient for the required function. A well-considered interface will determine the success of your application’s software. Consistency is key.

7. Collect data/listen to feedback

Reviewing the data can give valuable feedback of the kiosk usage and help to improve aspects of the software if required. Analyse the data to gain a greater understanding of your user to maximise the potential of your application.