Touch Screen Kiosks Helping Consumers Pick Eye Wear

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Many kiosks are installed in local hospitals and practices to aid healthcare professions check-in patients, take medical bill payments and provide wellbeing information.

Further touch screen units are deployed in retail outlets to provide consumers extra products to buy as well as way finding services. But it seems that the features can be combined, after a touch screen kiosk was implemented in an optician store. The “Myeyes” kiosk has been installed in the optometrist firm EyeClarity, in Melton, Melbourne, Australia. It won Business Review Weekly Australian Retailer of the Year 2011 Award for best use of technology. The touch screen kiosks help the eye health care profession by allowing customers to choose eyewear to suit their lifestyle and budget without the need of a technical and further education (TAFE) dispenser to assist. It can be complex when picking out eye wear especially in terms of finding glasses that look right on each individual’s face as well as choosing contact lenses that are suitable for the eyes. A touch screen can help when staffs are busy and sometimes people may be intimidated by the fact that vision and sight is a personal issue. By using the kiosk rather than a person, the consumer can find out which eye wear is right for them without the need to share personal details with a stranger. The kiosk can provide all sorts of information on eye facts to aid consumers in looking after their eye sight and a payment feature would enable the eyewear to be bought there and then without the need for cheques or cash-transfers. Many retail companies are reaping the benefits of touch screen technology; do the same in your business with Protouch.