Versatile Touch Screen Technology: Kiosks In Care Homes

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It can be a distressing time when you put a loved one in a care home.

Obviously you want the very best for them which means you want the home to be clean, professional and have qualified staff to look after your relative with the utmost care.

It can be a challenge though when it comes to providing information for both patients and their family members. Moreover, when visitors make appointments to look around the premises or come to see a friend.

Touch screen technology in the form of a kiosk being deployed can help. Care home kiosks are quite unique in the market but this proves how versatile the technology is.

Installing one in your care home at the reception desk will give all people access to information 24 hours a day, easing your staff of administration duties and therefore giving them more time to care for the patients.

They also enable informative videos and campus messages to be shown so the staff can easily communicate with all occupants and their relations, as evident in a care home in West Virginia, America.

The Augsburg Lutheran Home and Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Baltimore County, Maryland has deployed digital signage and touchscreen technology.

The touchscreen interface provides residents, visitors and employees with an interactive means for delivering educational videos, staff videos, religious videos and various site messages.

The kiosks currently provide over 62 design pages of content for viewing with ‘temporary’ marketing pages designed specifically for use when managers take the kiosks on the road for marketing events.

Further benefits of kiosks in care homes include;

– GP examinations. A kiosk in a nursing home managed by GP practises enables regular check-ups on patients.

– Current information for the elderly. Help and support the aging by offering the latest up-to-date news and material, for example laws that affect them.

– Socialising portal. The kiosk can include info on local clubs, meetings or groups to help the resident’s meet new people, make friends and enjoy a past-time hobby.

– Aid staff and visitors. Information can be uploaded to the kiosks such as what room the resident is living in, or checking-in process to speed up the whole ordeal. Regular family members can just scan their name in and can avoid filling out all their details every single trip.

Rather than asking where your relative is in case they have changed rooms you can simply search the kiosk. Clearly privacy issues will have to be controlled.