Vogel?s Selects Protouch For European Roll Out

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Picture this: You’ve just bought a new TV from Comet which you’re very excited about, but then you have to find the right wall mount to go with it. So now you’re in the shop staring at a multitude of products wondering “Which one is the right one?”

Well not anymore because

Vogel’s, Europe’s market leader in TV wall mounts, has selected us to roll out an in store touch screen solution that finds the right wall mounts for TVs.  We are distributing 10,000+ touch screens throughout Europe.

Vogel’s came to us because it saw the difficulty customers were facing in selecting the right mount for their new TVs. To help answer this question in an in store environment, Vogel’s briefed us to create an in store touch screen version of the Internet application tool called the Vogel’s FlatscreenFitter®. This tool gives customers quick and clear advice about which mount is best for them.

Our solution combines the ‘Sales buddy’, a 15” shelf edge touch screen with integrated PC and advanced software comprising of a frame work application, front end user interface and server application, with an off line USB updating platform. The software also takes into account that new TVs and mounts come to the market all the time and so it has been designed to be able to manage and frequently update large quantities of product information and relay it back to the user in a simple and easy to use way.

Each Vogel’s FlatscreenFitter Touch® is wall mounted in the Vogel’s product area where it displays an on screen questionnaire that through a short series of questions tells the customer the mount that matches their TV.

Patrick Theeuwes, Vogel’s Trade Marketing Manager said, “Protouch’s solution offers our reseller’s staff and customers an in store product representative that is cost effective and practical in providing additional service. The Vogel’s FlatscreenFitter Touch assists both shoppers and resellers in selecting the right product and has led to positive results with respect to failed purchases and product returns and improving a customer’s shopping experience”.

We have initially supplied 500 touch screens for use in reseller outlets across Germany and the Netherlands and are now completing the second phase of the rollout to Spain, UK, Greece and France.