What Aspects of Kiosk Software Increase Effectiveness?

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According to a recent article by, there are three aspects of high quality kiosk software. The site reveals that the user experience design, remote monitoring capabilities, and on-site care of the software are important to determine the effectiveness. Now there are various aspects which need to be taken into account for the software to be successful and this needs to be considered when deploying touch screen technology in your business. Here at Protouch we believe that a number of features contribute to a fruitful kiosk instalment as well as the aforementioned properties; including a familiar and reliable system that is easy to use as well as one that is operated in real-time so you can achieve an interactive experience at all times. Here is a guide to effective kiosk software…

What is the main purpose?

Why is the customer using your kiosk? This is the underlying question which you need to ask yourself when designing bespoke software. What do they want to use it for, what do they want to achieve, who will be using it- these are the kind of queries which should be at the back of your mind to ensure user experience is optimised. By getting into the mind-set of the customer you will improve your retention rates and boost the overall happening. If you haven’t considered a certain feature, or if the software is too complicated, the user will just walk away so it is vital that the software is adequate. Ask yourself what do I want to see on the screen, how do I want the information presented/communicated, how long do I want to be stood there, what do I want the kiosk to look like? By asking yourself these questions you can make the most of the technology and make sure the user gets the most out of it too. So for example; do they need printing features, internet access, or payment facilities? If so, make sure this is integrated in the software.

– How is it controlled?

How is the kiosk supported, by you on-site or via remote management? This is an important aspect to ensure all machinery runs smoothly. If something breaks or needs maintenance, it is essential it is fixed promptly. The system’s health needs to be monitored as well as checking for updates. How speedy with troubleshooting or malfunction calls be? When contemplating touch screen technology, use a provider that will be prompt and supportive. You want a firm that will keep costs as low as possible rather than charging you a fortune on service call outs; and someone who specialises in on-site care.