What?s In Store For The Kiosk Market In 2013?

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Highlights of the top kiosk trends for 2012

• Integration with iPads and tablets in retail kiosks
• Mobile kiosks
• Self-service healthcare
• DIY airport kiosks
• Photo kiosks and social media
• Vending kiosks

The forecast for last year told us that there would be movement towards self-service kiosks used in healthcare and a development in the integration of mobiles and tablets. Take a look at the predictions for the touch screen and kiosk market in 2013.

1. Restaurants and Self Service
In 2013, restaurant will jump on the bandwagon and invest in introducing new technology for a self-service food ordering system. A total of 44% of consumers would opt to use a self-service terminal and 40% would choose to use a Smartphone application to place a food order. As more restaurants utilise touch screen technology, consumers will become more accepting once they see improvements in service.

2. iPad and Tablet Trend
In 2012, the Apple iPad took the lead in the mobile devices market, however experts are predicting that the Microsoft Tablet, using Windows software, will be a strong contender in 2013. Tablet and iPad based kiosks have been sweeping the industry so far, and the kiosk market will be seeing continuing integration of kiosk and mobile applications. The developments in mobile devices and interactive screen will also advance digital signage further.

3. Kiosk Printers
With the emergence in Smartphone technology, the digital world is in competition with traditional applications. The market will develop so that kiosk printers and paper receipts become obsolete in the introduction of e-receipts. This would allow for reduced costs in the deployment of digital kiosks and also in the fact paper needs replenishing.

4. Photo Kiosks
Photo kiosks will be more widespread, more commonly being used in retail environments. Trends will move towards kiosks operating online to allow users to interact with social media sites, for example uploading photos to their Facebook. The market will also see photo kiosks converge with Smartphones and other mobile devices. In 2013, photo kiosks will be utilised as marketing tools in temporary promotional environments, such as events.