Why Interactive Kiosks Are Great For Events

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With the rise in interactive kiosks, users are engaging more and more with digital content at events, such as festivals, conferences, sports events and exhibitions. The ability to have both outdoor and indoor solutions expands the possibilities for event organisers.

Payment and ticketing

Ticketing is the process that benefits the most from being automated at an event. Automated kiosks make the ticketing and payment process streamlined and more efficient, which in turn reduces queues. For instance, at major sports events, the challenge arises when there’s a large volume of visitors who want to get into the venue as quick as possible. A ticketing kiosk also allows for a fast track ticket collection option.

Visitor management

At corporate events and large conferences, automated kiosks provide an outlet to control visitor entry and manage queues. In providing a self-service system, visitors can register their arrival with ease and speed in an unmanned area. Visitor management kiosks are useful to welcome guests, monitor entry and tighten security.


Accessible around the clock, visitors have the opportunity to access digital, 3D maps and wayfinding information with interactive kiosks. Wayfinding kiosks can also direct attendees to meeting rooms in corporate events, give exhibition information and show specific points of interest.

Internet and information

Deployment of Internet kiosks at major events has plenty of benefits. Firstly, providing Internet access points can facilitate marketing campaigns, linking to web pages and encouraging sharing on social media sites. Festival goers are the ideal audience for internet kiosks as they will desire social networking. Kiosks are an effective way to market a business, brand or product at an event. They can increase brand awareness, promote offers and deliver targeted information. Secondly, Internet points give people the freedom to access useful information, such as festival programmes and event schedules.

Event organisers can capitalise on using automated kiosk systems to augment a wide range of aspects. Giving the attendees access to these facilities enhances their overall experience, so it’s worth considering using a kiosk to make your event a success.

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