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FIFA is responsible for administering and organising the world’s largest and most popular sporting event – The FIFA World Cup. With over 2.8 million tickets available to fans, and stadiums sold out across the month long tournament, FIFA faced a huge challenge in issuing tens of thousands of tickets in a short space of time before each game. They were keen to ensure that all tickets were issued safely and in a timely fashion, and approached Protouch to design and implement a self service ticket collection kiosk infrastructure for both the 2009 Confederation Cup and the 2010 World Cup, in South Africa.


FIFA required an entirely secure and 100% reliable means of issuing up to 100,000 tickets at each site over a short period of time.


FIFA deployed a network of Protouch Xen X6 touch screen kiosks to provide spectators with a simple and easy to use self-service ticket printing option. The Protouch kiosk’s specification included 19” touch screens, RFID smart Card Reader, receipt and ticket printer and event branding. Ticket holders were able to authenticate their identity by inserting their bank card and
scanning the bar code issued by FIFA upon successful purchase of their event tickets. The high definition screen was used to display animations which provide kiosk usage instructions which were clear to spectators from across the globe. These units were tested extensively prior to the event to ensure their reliability.

Outcome Achieved

Protouch kiosks were first introduced by FIFA at the 2009 Confederation cup. The reliability and high uptake of the kiosks resulted in FIFA’s decision to implement Protouch kiosks for the following year’s FIFA World Cup.

In excess of 2 million tickets were issued by Protouch Kiosks across the two South African FIFA events. This has proved to be an extremely cost effective solution which has allowed FIFA’s customer service team to focus on more complex tasks.