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O2 were keen to find a solution to help promote their ever changing product range to customers which would improve service levels. A self service infrastructure was required to enable customers to make transactions and provide product information when no O2 staff were available and to ensure that customers were able to browse products for which there is not sufficient space to display in-store. As one of the UK’s leading retailers with over 300 stores across the country, offering a vast and rapidly changing range of phones accessories and subscription packages, it was essential that content could be easily and rapidly controlled and updated. Furthermore, since their self service infrastructure was intended to play a key role within the O2 operation, powerful and clear reporting and auditing of the performance of the individual units deployed was required. Therefore bespoke software was an integral requirement of the solution which Protouch was required to supply.


Protouch and O2 Telefonica formed a self-service partnership in 2011 as part of O2’s commitment to customer excellence and the optimisation of their retail efficiency. O2 approached Protouch to provide consultancy regarding the implementation of a self-service infrastructure as O2 were exploring options for providing its store customers with an improved self-service journey.


Protouch performed in-depth analysis of O2’s retail business and conducted a detailed consultation of their key objectives. The solution that was reached involved an integrated hardware and software infrastructure. Protouch recommended the deployment of different hardware products to fulfil the different self service functions of the brief. In this way O2 received highly specialised units which were best suited to their requirements. 19” capacitive touch screens, Chip and Pin card readers and receipt printers to enable voucher transactions, and were supplied with O2 branded Purpose laminates to the front and sides. Protouch developed bespoke software for the kiosks which enables the units to display and process transactions of talk time for Pay & Go customers. Furthermore, the Pay and Go kiosk software offers sophisticated transaction reporting in addition to providing email alerts for any hardware faults to facilitate remote monitoring.

As with all Protouch kiosks, additional components can be easily added at a later stage due to the Multi Function Plate. Protouch’s kiosk management software also has the capability to automatically recognise and configure newly installed hardware, which vastly enhances the versatility and lifespan of the units the form of a number of compact yet highly attractive 22” interactive browser monitors. These multi touch all in one PCs were supplied loaded with the Protouch developed O2 Interactive Browser software. Using impressive animation, stylish graphics and a intuitive interface, Protouch designed an application to enable customers to search by manufacturer or product features for available handsets, and make comparisons.

The interactive browser provides everything from technical specifications of handsets to interactive 3D renders and details of price plans available to specific budgets. Protouch’s browser software also provides O2 with the means to easily and rapidly upload and update content – a service which is also supported maintained and monitored by Protouch. Similar to the kiosk functionality, O2 recieve e-mail alerts informing them of issues with the browser content such as missing or out-dated images.

Outcomes Achieved

From the outset of their instore self service project, O2 Telefonica experienced very high customer adoption figures, for both their vending kiosks and the interactive product
browsers. The O2 kiosks are reported to have taken significant revenue in addition to reducing queueing time their day of deployment, and the figures are steadily increasing.