Self-Service Technology Ranks No 1 For Retail Shopping In The U.S And Canada

A survey of more than 16,000 consumers show that self-checkouts rank as the number one technology that enhances overall shopping experience.

The 2011 Consumer Insights Panel study, by Empathica Inc, reveals that the self-service is the favourite technology amongst retail shoppers. The survey asked consumers in Canada and America which technologies they valued the most in their grocery experience. The findings demonstrate that the top five grocery store technologies that consumers value, from the most important to the least, include;  

1.      Self-checkouts

2.      Easy-to-use website

3.      Kiosks offering product information, coupons, recipes, etc.

4.      Electronic offers sent via email or mobile device

5.      Wireless access within store

So it is obvious how much a self-service kiosk can benefit a business and improve customer experience but the research also found that dependent on where we live, influences our technology preferences. Of the U.S consumer, 65% considered self-checkouts important in comparison to only 54% of Canadian shoppers. This shows that not all retail outlets may have touch screen technologies deployed and therefore this will ultimately affect how valuable we think it is. If there are none already installed, then a consumer will value it as low because they haven’t even experienced the advantages. The study also revealed differences between sexes. More women surveyed (51%) said they valued grocery store technology in contrast to men (46%). They appreciated the electronic product offers like email and mobile device features and the majority of women (57%) said an easy-to-use website initially influenced the overall customer experience. The survey further found that 80% of consumers aged between 18-24 years old, said grocery technology was an important factor in shopping experience, so differentiate yourself from other businesses today and cater to consumer’s needs that are evolving from time to time by deploying a touch screen kiosk, with Protouch. Get in touch to find out more about kiosks and touch screen accessories.

Pic Credit: What Would Oakley Do