Are Kiosks Enhancing The Value Of Employees?

The debate continues that businesses are turning to technology to augment services, lessening employee value. Automated kiosks are being deployed in a wide variety of sectors, such as retail, airports and hospitality. Kiosks are beneficial to businesses in reducing costs and increasing revenue, but are they adding value to employees?

The employee

Kiosks are getting things done quickly, efficiently and accurately, which is minimising the number of staff required. Nevertheless, it can be argued that automated systems are now empowering employees. With kiosks in place to automate time consuming tasks, staff members are given more time to focus on the delivery of customer service. In addition, kiosk applications can create sales opportunities for staff, encouraging higher performance.

Self service

Face to face customer service still prevails, but customers have a growing appetite for self-service systems. The notion of self-service is predominant, especially in the retail sector. Kiosks are being deployed in more and more retail environments to streamline processes and enhance the customers’ shopping experience. However, a certain level of staffing is still required even with touch screen kiosks in place. If there is an issue or malfunction, there has to be someone at hand to attend to the user’s needs.

Key benefits for employees

  • Create more time to interact with customers 
  • Build relationships
  • Increase performance with unique sales opportunities 
  • Provide one-to-one support 
  • Focus on customer service and meeting specific needs

Customer service

There is dispute as to whether automated systems are taking the personal touch out of customer service. For instance, a visitor can now check in to a hotel without talking to a receptionist and a customer can pay for their shopping without interacting with an employee. On the other hand, kiosk systems offer the customer a self-service channel that enhances their experience, through speeding up processes and reducing queues. With certain aspects being taken care of, staff members have the unique opportunity to interact with customers and develop relationships.

Whilst interactive self service kiosks allow for less staff on site, they are also enabling employees to focus on providing quality one-to-one customer service. Employees still have a valuable role in customer service. As the use of automated systems increases, they should grasp the opportunity to maximise their potential and add value to the business.

Why Interactive Kiosks Are Great For Events

With the rise in interactive kiosks, users are engaging more and more with digital content at events, such as festivals, conferences, sports events and exhibitions. The ability to have both outdoor and indoor solutions expands the possibilities for event organisers.

Payment and ticketing

Ticketing is the process that benefits the most from being automated at an event. Automated kiosks make the ticketing and payment process streamlined and more efficient, which in turn reduces queues. For instance, at major sports events, the challenge arises when there’s a large volume of visitors who want to get into the venue as quick as possible. A ticketing kiosk also allows for a fast track ticket collection option.

Visitor management

At corporate events and large conferences, automated kiosks provide an outlet to control visitor entry and manage queues. In providing a self-service system, visitors can register their arrival with ease and speed in an unmanned area. Visitor management kiosks are useful to welcome guests, monitor entry and tighten security.


Accessible around the clock, visitors have the opportunity to access digital, 3D maps and wayfinding information with interactive kiosks. Wayfinding kiosks can also direct attendees to meeting rooms in corporate events, give exhibition information and show specific points of interest.

Internet and information

Deployment of Internet kiosks at major events has plenty of benefits. Firstly, providing Internet access points can facilitate marketing campaigns, linking to web pages and encouraging sharing on social media sites. Festival goers are the ideal audience for internet kiosks as they will desire social networking. Kiosks are an effective way to market a business, brand or product at an event. They can increase brand awareness, promote offers and deliver targeted information. Secondly, Internet points give people the freedom to access useful information, such as festival programmes and event schedules.

Event organisers can capitalise on using automated kiosk systems to augment a wide range of aspects. Giving the attendees access to these facilities enhances their overall experience, so it’s worth considering using a kiosk to make your event a success.

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We're pleased to announce that Protouch will be exhibiting at this years Kiosk London Expo. As the UK's sole conference and exhibition dedicated to the self-service industry; the show will return to The Barbican Centre for it's third year between 16-17th October 2013, promising to be another exciting event.

KLX 2013 acts as the central meeting point for all those affiliated with the self-service industry and, as such, will be a hive of activity for industry leaders, purchasers, strategic customer service managers, VPs, brands managers and those responsible for the implementation of self-service solutions and technologies throughout the UK.

A lot can change in a year, especially when it comes to emerging technologies and new developments. Therefore the show provides a great opportunity to catch up with the latest industry news and developments; helping you to discover how adding a self service solution to your business can increase sales and boost ROI.

As Europe’s number one supplier of touchscreen self service solutions, Protouch will be showcasing a wide variety of our best performing kiosks and kiosk software. Amongst these we’ll be presenting kiosks which have made a huge impact on specific industries and brands across the UK, including; express lanes for Birmingham Airport; kiosks for product look up and payment at Kiddicare; instore information and phone chooser at O2, and ticketing kiosks at Heathrow Express.

The Protouch team will be on hand to discuss your self-service solution requirements and answer any questions you may have. Whether you require ticketing, fast-track, payment, translator or browser features; our technology can help. Protouch equipment suits any brand for any function, any place.

KLX 2013 is free to attend and is a great networking opportunity, which also aims to deliver comprehensive seminars, offering information on all of the industry’s hot topics and cutting-edge technology. Located in the heart of London, it is easily accessible by rail, underground and road.

If you’re going to the show and you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, contact the Protouch team today and arrange a meeting with us.

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Is Digital Signage The Way Forward For Advertising?

More and more, digital signage and touch screens are being used to display advertising content in high traffic public locations. Digital marketing comes with a multitude of benefits in reaching a targeted audience. Screens are a worthwhile investment for businesses who want to stand out with their marketing strategies.

Multi channel marketing

With digital screens emerging as one of the most innovative methods of promoting, there is exciting opportunity to connect a wider audience with online marketing campaigns. Some kiosks and signage have the ability to connect with mobile devices through QR barcodes, such as tablets and smartphones.  The highest levels of engagement are through ads on touch screen mobile devices. This creates another platform to link to social media sites and web pages, which encourages sharing online.


There has been a surge in outdoor digital signage and interactive kiosks, revolutionising street advertising.  This opens up opportunities for businesses looking to promote themselves or their product with attention grabbing media that invites passers by to engage. Indoor locations such as shopping centres, retail stores and airports are also effective for digital screen advertising.

Audience engagement

Today’s tech savvy consumers are always looking for the next best gadget or new technology. Screen technology on the streets is driving consumers to engage more closely with marketing campaigns and interactive ads. Digital signage means marketing messages can be live, instantly updated and more direct.

Can touch screens be used for marketing?

Touch screens are slightly more complicated when used for advertising; however there have been examples of novel ways of utilising them to engage an audience interactively. Large public touch screens can encourage users to interact with games, questionnaires and other entertaining activities that help to promote a brand or product. On the other hand, for the less tech savvy public it is more of a challenge to persuade them to participate.

The future

“The future of advertising is…intrinsically linked to technology and people” (source). Although we cannot predict what the future holds for digital screen advertising, it is inevitable we will see innovative developments in technology. For example, implementing 3D technology could give advertisers the chance to stand out and get their content noticed. Who’s to say that advertising with screens couldn’t become more direct with facial recognition? In all, digital screens provide a lucrative marketing strategy for companies wanting to stand out among the crowd.