Online Shopping Sales Are Rising So Enhance Customer Experiences With Internet Kiosks

According to a late survey, online shopping sales in America should rise this Christmas period.

Findings by analytics firm comScore reveal that e-commerce sales in the U.S should increase by 15% this festive season as consumers turn to the internet for their Christmas shopping with the enticement of free or low-cost shipping. ComScore estimate that online sales from November- December in the States will reach $37.6 billion this year, outpacing last year's growth. The study of 1,000 shoppers found that 76% of those surveyed said that free shipping was a decisive factor in purchasing products online. As shoppers all over the world turn to their computers or retail stores in search for some holiday bargains, jump on board the bandwagon and enhance the shopping experience of your customers who come in- store with deployed internet kiosks. By giving in-store shoppers the option to buy online ranges in-store, they benefit by getting new products sooner and being able to purchase something there and then. And it means that as a business, you don’t have to stock the full range in-store and instead you can just put some items exclusively online.

A kiosk that has access to the internet is further valuable because help instructions can be offered to consumers who find it difficult to use. Rather than needing a human staff member to guide them through the technology, a help guide can show them and also answer any troublesome questions. What is more, as well as helpful information an internet kiosk can provide information on many other subjects such as facts and figures about the town it is installed in, advice to save the environment, and offer entertainment for hospital bed-sides. There are numerous surveys on the web that state how essential the internet is for Brits and how without digital services like this, living would be a ‘nightmare’. So cater to modern day needs and install a kiosk that has access to the internet in your business with the help of Protouch.