Multi-Touch Technology: Interactive Kiosks, Walls, Windows And Tables

Touch screen technology has developed and progressed so much over the past few years that now it is hard to go anywhere without seeing an interactive Kiosk.

Interactive displays surround consumers in supermarkets, hospitals, airports and libraries just to name a few and more sectors are jumping on the band wagon and reaping the benefits of touch screen technology, as well as advancing a customer’s experience.

As consumer need grows, the technology needs to reflect this and enhance to keep up to speed with the demand.

Interactivity can now be found in the form of multi-touch walls, Kiosks, floors, windows and tables.

Normal every day surfaces are becoming exciting digital media solutions that are triggered and activated by touch motion and gestures.

The limits are endless in terms of content, design and applications meaning businesses can create engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. Whether it is located in a restaurant, bar, hotel or museum; multi-touch technology can be deployed in a plethora of venues and benefit a variety of consumers.

So what does the future hold? If tables and walls are becoming touch interfaces who knows, the sky is the limit! One might be able to play games on the dinner table at a restaurant in between courses, or order clothing at the entrance of a store.

With so many surfaces becoming digital, what else is in stow for consumers and companies; Touch screen doors?

Birmingham Airport Deploy Protouch Express Lane Kiosks

Birmingham Airport is introducing an express lane for its passengers using our kiosks!

The supplied kiosks will enable the nine million travellers that pass through the airport every year, to take advantage of a premium express lane and priority processing.

The airport has chosen our Xen X6 kiosks for its new venture featuring a 19” touch screen, chip and pin, coin and note acceptor, change dispenser and receipt printer with a branded laminate.

If you too want to reap the benefits of installing a Touch screen kiosk in your business, contact Protouch today on 0845 004 7953 or email

Kiosks In Sport: Horse Racing

A senator in Nebraska, America is attempting to put through a legislative bill to keep horse racing alive with the use of computerised kiosks to take bets.

Sen. Russ Karpisek says that it will offer faster wagering on keno and a portion of the anticipated increase in revenue would be used to boost purses for thoroughbred horse races.

The self-service Kiosks will allow gamblers to place a bet via the screen, just as they can withdraw money from a bank and pay for gas at a petrol station.

Critics argue that quicker wagers would be more addictive and thus more harmful to families.

At the moment, keno machines can conduct games every five minutes but with the new Touch screen units, one could play every three minutes.

Allowing more games per hour would increase wagering and generate an estimated $1.1 million a year in new tax revenue for the state, 15% of this being funnelled to horse-racing.

The bill, called Karpisek's Legislative Bill 490, is an attempt to save the state's largest track, State Fair Park, which will close after the 2012 season, and tracks at Columbus and South Sioux City are also struggling.

In 2006, Nebraska voters turned down a ballot measure that would have legalised video versions of keno machines.

Will the bill be passed and change the sport industry for the future? We’ll keep you informed…

How Are Kiosks Developing Airport Check-In Technologies?

The airport industry is ever-growing and as technologies advance and develop it is changing the way consumers travel.

Kiosks are already installed in airports to help passengers print tickets off and check-in quicker and whilst self-tagging is common in many airports in Canada and Europe etc. it is now allowed to do so in the United States.

Fliers can check-in their own bags with tag-printing capabilities; after printing their tags from kiosks, passengers can then place the tags on their luggage without staff’s supervision.

American Airlines is now the first US airline to allow travellers to use the “tag your own bag” system; cutting costs and reducing waiting time.

It is estimated implementing such a program can save the sector as much as $2billion a year and according the Los Angeles Times, the kiosks can handle 55 customers per hour as opposed to 21 per hour with live attendants.

This will dramatically change the way airlines interact with their customers, as it will;

– Increase customer satisfaction

– Reduce waiting time

– Better customer service

– Cut costs.

However, experts have warned that for the new technology to take off it is vital it works properly every single time. The printer in the device needs to be reliable and dependable.

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