Being Greeted By A Virtual Receptionist Via A Kiosk: Does It Really Matter?

There are many arguments for and against a touch screen kiosk being installed in an establishment as a virtual receptionist. Fundamentally, one needs to establish whether or not it is right for the business in the first place because the technology can reap tons of benefits for one industry but be detrimental to another.

Examples where virtual receptionists work well include;

– A deployed kiosk reception in care homes can be very beneficial for the reason that they ease staff of administration duties and therefore give them more time to care for patients. – In the hospitality sector, an electronic unit is helpful especially in hotels when business people need to check themselves in and out of the accommodation 24/7. – A kiosk in the sport and leisure industry is valuable so customers can check themselves into fitness classes and sessions without the assistance of a staff member.

Advantages of virtual receptionists

– If the business is growing and you need an extra pair of hands to deal with the workload, ease the strain with a touch screen unit that can take care of all the menial tasks like paperwork, ‘signing in’ and ticketing/payments. – The growing need of consumers is independence and the technology gives them the power to fulfil tasks without any assistance. – Long-term it is cost-effective to deploy a unit rather than hire more staff on a full-time basis. – The interface software and internet connection can display a person’s face for a ‘human touch’. And a proximity sensor can alert the kiosk when a person is approaching so a welcome message could be read. – By deploying a touch screen, it can be said that you are enhancing the brand and transmitting the notion that your business is up-to-date, ahead of competitors and ‘with it’ with regards to latest technology.

Disadvantages of virtual receptionists

– The traditional concept of a receptionist is a smiling, happy employee sitting at the entrance of a building who greets visitors and clients. But is this really a disadvantage because it is going against the norm? – The modern look of a standing kiosk may be off putting to some clients if it is the first thing they see to be welcomed. But the majority of business people nowadays are open to advanced technologies. If you would like to speak to an expert about installing a kiosk as a simulated receptionist in your business, get in touch today and enquire about Protouch touch screen software.