Birmingham Airport: One Year On

Birmingham airport deployed our express lane kiosks almost one year ago and to this day they are successfully improving customer’s experience and staff efficiency. The airport installed six of Protouch’s kiosks to introduce an express lane for the nine million passengers that travel through the airport every day. Consumers can take advantage of the premium lane and access priority processing’ passing through security much quicker for only £3 per person. They give passengers the choice to be processed as normal or with precedence, therefore giving them the power of control. And after successfully working at the site for one year, the technology has stood the test of time. Our Xen X6 kiosks were chosen for the new venture and they featured;

– A chip and pin

– Coin and note acceptor

– Change dispenser

– Receipt printer

– A 19” touch screen

  The express lane kiosks are expected to work for the next 7-10 years and this is an important aspect to be taken into account when picking a kiosk provider. They are a brilliant of how Protouch kiosks maximise revenue opportunities for our clients. The units have proved themselves robust and efficient. At the time, Tom Quarry, Protouch’s Managing Director, said: “We are really excited to be involved in Birmingham Airport’s express lane introduction. It is great to see our touch screen kiosks working so well within the project by improving the airport’s operations and enhancing its passengers’ experience.”

There are various functions which prove beneficial in airports and these include:

  • Fast track
  • Ticketing
  • Booking
  • Information
  • Payment
  • Check-in
  • Internet
  • Promotional
  • Help

If you would like to enhance your customer’s experience in your business and offer them a fast track service, look no further than the experts.