ZipWorld introduce Protouch kiosks for customer sign in

ZipWorld in north wales is truly an awesome attraction. Not only the fastest – but also the longest zip wire ride in Europe!  Other attractions include underground caverns and forest zip wire rides. To deal with the ever increasing number of visitors ZipWorld required a number of self-service kiosks to automate the signing in process. Protouch`s Blade kiosk was chosen as it is extremely robust – yet clean with a modern design,  enabling bespoke graphics to be applied. ZipWorld are really pleased with the deployment and have commented that customers are further attracted to them because of the promotional video that runs when not being used.

As you can see from the awesome pictures taken by Jon French at ZipWorld – they look great!


Lloyds Pharmacy Introduce Touchscreen Health Kiosks

Lloyds Pharmacy choose Protouch to supply kiosk based solution in a number of their premium stores. Protouch were specifically selected to provide Lloyds with a cost effective kiosk solution that met its business requirements.

With the latest PKM software in place, the kiosks aim to improve their customers' in store experience at the touch of a button.

The interactive kiosks give customers the freedom to browse full product range, place orders and make card payments. They also enable users to scan in store products for further information and watch step by step videos of how to use them. With gained access to information, Lloyds customers will also be able to print health advice leaflets from the touch screen units.

Key benefits:

• Convenience
• Speed
• Wider choice of products
• Readily available advice
• Greater access to information

Lloyds Pharmacy has entered for the Oracle Retail Week Awards 2014 with Protouch’s kiosk solutions at the core of its success. Now deployed in 9 of its premium stores, the Touchscreen Health Kiosks have proven popular with Lloyds customers. Collected data has demonstrated the high level of interaction with the kiosks and particular features such as product scanning.

The initial focus was to update the pharmacy’s image and improve the way customers access healthcare. With the desire to enhance the customer experience and augment its services, the business chose to introduce an innovative retail solution. Lloyds Pharmacy trialled tablet devices in two of its stores which failed to deliver efficient service in a fast-paced retail environment.

Following the trial, Lloyds Pharmacy switched to self-service touch screen solutions that proved to be a fast, reliable platform. With greater access to a wider range of items, these kiosks provided an alternative to purchasing and ordering specific products. As well as providing customers with improved information access and engaging content, the innovative kiosk solutions also assisted staff in making sales.

With Protouch’s latest kiosk solutions in place, Lloyds Pharmacy has transformed access to healthcare in a pharmacy environment. The success of the deployment is evident and Lloyds Pharmacy is able to achieve its goal in delivering effective, efficient healthcare services.

A Summary Of Protouch’s Retail Kiosk Guide

Take a look at Protouch’s guide to boosting in store sales with automated kiosks. From augmenting services to engaging your customers, in-store kiosks are cost effective solutions for any retail business looking to thrive.

Step 1: How a kiosk can help your store
Self service retail kiosks can empower your customers by offering them accessible information, speeding up the payment process and reducing queuing times. Also improving the customer experience is the new dynamics of the staff. With the self-service systems in place, they have more time to focus on one-to-one customer assistance. In-store kiosks give you the opportunity to engage customers with loyalty schemes, rewards and in-store promotions, as well as access to the Internet.

Step 2: Get the most out of your kiosk
There are important aspects to consider when successfully deploying a kiosk. Firstly, determine the purpose of your kiosk, what will it offer the customer? Secondly, think about the software. Does it guide your user through a clear, simple journey? A simple on-screen journey encourages interaction and improves customer satisfaction. Thirdly, you mustn’t underestimate the power of effective marketing. Get your kiosk off the ground with in-store advertising. Location is another key aspect that can be make or break for your application. Carefully select the location with visibility and accessibility in mind. Lastly, get your staff on board to get the most out of your new investment.

Step 3: Reap the benefits
Our kiosk solutions offer a multitude of benefits for both your business and your customer. As a worthwhile investment, an automated kiosk in-store will augment your services, save on costs and help boost sales. Your customer is given a hassle-free, more efficient shopping experience that invites them to come back to the store.

To read in more detail, take a look at the full guide and gain insight into how our kiosk could boost your in-store sales.

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