Brits want more control over their shopping experience

British citizens want to be in charge of their shopping experience. New research found that people want more freedom to shop where and when they like, whether online, over their mobile or in an in-store kiosk.

The NCR Corporation survey, carried out by Buzzback Market Research, found that 83 per cent of consumers wanted the flexibility to research, compare and shop across channels. 84 per cent of survey-goers said they wanted retailers to make sure their social media activities were integrated with their other communications such as websites and email.

However, 46 per cent said that they feel bombarded with irrelevant information and offers over a “dizzying array of touchpoints.”

The solution, says NCR, is to provide shoppers with personalised offers and information, based on analysis of the shopper's previous shopping history.

“Retailers need to harmonise the total cross-channel shopping experience in the emerging era of converged retailing,” said Rick Chavie, vice president of marketing of NCR's retail and hospitality business.

A white paper about NCR's research on converged retailing is available at


So while customers are clicking on to what retailers need to do, stores need to take note of what changes need to be made for an improved shopping experience.

Customers are fed up with the impersonal and irrelevant offers thrown at them via email or in-store, and would like a much more subtle approach that allows them to take charge of their shopping experience themselves.

Kiosks are a great solution as customers are able to access store and product information, see what deals are on offer as well as printing out vouchers to use while in store.

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Protouch launch industry guide on leisure kiosks

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Their tips cover:

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  • extra tips on outside factors, such as marketing, prime locations and staff training as well as
  • a few hints and advice for kiosk uses and accessories.

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