Thistle Hotels Go Beyond The Typical WiFi Connectivity

GLH Hotels Management Group recently used Protouch to install over 70 touch screens in Thistle Hotels throughout the UK. The aim was to provide an ‘out of home’ experience for the guests, to give them the opportunity to perform both leisure and corporate activities with ease and speed.

With bespoke software on our PKM platform, and a support service that monitors the entire network 24/7, the solution ensures users had a greater technology access rather than just providing the standard WiFi connection. Protouch offered a commercial grade touch screen which fitted Thistle’s needs exactly.

Key benefits:

  • Printer capacity for presentations, boarding passes, rail and theatre tickets
  • Easy internet and software access for all guests
  • Full MS Office 2013 suite of software and social media apps
  • Privacy protected instant history deletion
  • USB capability extraction

The Protouch Kiosk Management (PKM) software allows both Protouch and Thistle to be in total control of their entire touchscreen estate in one overview. Notifications can be sent to IT management to alert them of issues such as loss of power. Durability is guaranteed with the reliable hardware, yet the experience is kept inviting by the likeness to a personal computer.

By providing this extra service, hotels can offer a greater experience for guests during their stay. Our whole lives now revolve around technology, and to keep up with the ever changing needs of the guests, hotels need to provide to suit them.

User privacy is maintained very simply – once you click ‘end session’, no other user can read your browsing history or any information of your time online, and the original formatting is restored. Yet whilst you are in session, you have full access to Office 2013, social apps, printing facilities and internet browsing.

To find out how you too could benefit from Protouch’s solutions, check out our full range of touch screens.

Keeping Kiosk Uptime At A Maximum

It should be a priority to maximise the time your kiosk is up and running so that you’re utilising your investment in the machine. The first step is to organise that they be properly maintained because using a trained service technician to provide a physical fix to your kiosk during failure can be expensive and impractical, especially as it could be avoided by engaging simple preventative steps.

Organisational steps towards maximising uptime:

  • Invest in quality components that will reduce replacement costs long term
  • Specify who will be responsible for maintaining hardware and software – Someone to check the kiosk regularly to provide a weekly on-site preventative maintenance visit
  • Set up kiosks with alert messages when paper, ink or other consumables are low

Getting the fastest fix during kiosk downtime:

  • Agree action and response times with kiosk technicians for both remote and physical fixes
  • Try an initial troubleshoot to find the source of the problem or utilise the help desk numbers
  • Use a company who employ remote diagnostics (such as Protouch) to check your kiosk through the internet, to give the fastest scan and repair possible if troubleshooting is unsuccessful

What are the differences between Remote & Physical Fix?

Remote Fix
Remote fix allows for your kiosk issues to be resolved in real time, without the need for someone to be physically at the kiosk, by using remote management software. If the issue is software related the technician is able to log in, diagnose the fault.

Physical Fix
More serious problems with your kiosk may mean remote fixing is not suitable, and you may need a technician to come on site to find the route of the problem by examining the machine itself.

DDA Kiosks; Why it matters

Technology has been developed to aid users in self-service, communication and to improve accessibility of modern facilities. Translation and language based kiosks have become hugely popular within many businesses to ensure the support of multilingual users, however now more than ever kiosks have become essential to give anyone, no matter their ability or disability, the support they need. Touch screen kiosks can be used to guide those who have visual, hearing, physical or reading disabilities; whether you deal mainly with the disabled, or you simply understand the importance of every customer receiving the experience they deserve.

Physically disabled
Most companies implement the usual accommodations for the physically impaired; such as disabled access, car parking spaces etc. However, according to the Office for Disability Issues, roughly a third of disabled people still experience difficulties in accessing commercial and leisure goods or public services even with these aids. This is due to the fact that enabling technological access is often ignored. Touch screen kiosks allow those with disabilities to access what they want, without the need for assistance. Easy wheelchair access can be provided with floor standing kiosks, and kiosks are set to the correct height according to the users needs. Overall, they present an opportunity for the physically disabled to be more independent in their use of the facilities provided.

Blind or visually impaired
The challenge with kiosks is in making them user friendly for blind or visually impaired users. The key is to achieve a balance which offers the same level of service for all, therefore complying with the Disability Discrimination Act, but which also appropriately supports users in whichever way is suitable. Kiosks are able to give a full service for the blind or visually impaired through larger monitors, bigger buttons, voice technologies, and braille options. These enhancements mean the touch screens kiosks are capable of providing complete access for the blind or visually impaired, without the need for human assistance.

Monthly Round Up

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The Risks of Deploying a Tablet Kiosk

Tablets have become a staple in many homes, and are universally very popular. However, they are increasingly being used in more commercial situations, when they have not been designed to do so. Companies are now realising the disadvantages of replacing stand-alone kiosks with tablets, from reasons such as overheating devices to lack of screen durability. To discover more on the cons of tablet kiosks, read on.

Protouch Rolls Out Countrywide Kiosks

This new project has provided 55 stores with tailor-made kiosks that suit Countrywide’s needs exactly, providing customers with more options in store. There is now a greater choice; more chance of the customer finding exactly what they want; and customers have the opportunity to experience endless aisle shopping, where they have access to view all the products available which may not be in store. Have a look at the details here.

Kiosk Shows of 2014

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Lloyds Pharmacy Introduce Touchscreen Health Kiosks

Lloyds Pharmacy has taken on a trial run in 9 of its stores, trying out our full kiosk solution to help improve customer experience with simple and easy to use self-service touch screens. Not only can they scan in their product for more information and watch videos on product usage, but customers can also print out relevant health advice leaflets to take away. The kiosks allow click and collect on the full product range. To find out why they chose us, and how it has benefitted Lloyds Pharmacy, read more in the full post.

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