Thistle Hotels Go Beyond The Typical WiFi Connectivity

GLH Hotels Management Group recently used Protouch to install over 70 touch screens in Thistle Hotels throughout the UK. The aim was to provide an ‘out of home’ experience for the guests, to give them the opportunity to perform both leisure and corporate activities with ease and speed.

With bespoke software on our PKM platform, and a support service that monitors the entire network 24/7, the solution ensures users had a greater technology access rather than just providing the standard WiFi connection. Protouch offered a commercial grade touch screen which fitted Thistle’s needs exactly.

Key benefits:

  • Printer capacity for presentations, boarding passes, rail and theatre tickets
  • Easy internet and software access for all guests
  • Full MS Office 2013 suite of software and social media apps
  • Privacy protected instant history deletion
  • USB capability extraction

The Protouch Kiosk Management (PKM) software allows both Protouch and Thistle to be in total control of their entire touchscreen estate in one overview. Notifications can be sent to IT management to alert them of issues such as loss of power. Durability is guaranteed with the reliable hardware, yet the experience is kept inviting by the likeness to a personal computer.

By providing this extra service, hotels can offer a greater experience for guests during their stay. Our whole lives now revolve around technology, and to keep up with the ever changing needs of the guests, hotels need to provide to suit them.

User privacy is maintained very simply – once you click ‘end session’, no other user can read your browsing history or any information of your time online, and the original formatting is restored. Yet whilst you are in session, you have full access to Office 2013, social apps, printing facilities and internet browsing.

To find out how you too could benefit from Protouch’s solutions, check out our full range of touch screens.