Protouch Features In Airport Operator Magazine

Protouch’s success with launching touch screen kiosks in Birmingham Airport has recently been featured in The Airport Operator Magazine, the official editorial of the airport operators association. Protouch is proud to have introduced an ‘express lane’ using the latest Xen X6 kiosks, which allow passengers to opt for a priority pass. The aim was to improve the airport’s processes whilst enhancing the passenger experience.

The feature highlights that Protouch has played a part in the growth and development of Birmingham Airport, in introducing pioneering self-service kiosk technology.

To find out more take a look at the Birmingham Airport case study.

How Can Self-Service Kiosks Make Travelling Easier?

As self service technology develops, aspects of travelling are being made a lot simplier and quicker. Self service kiosks have been deployed in many airports around the world to allow passengers to travel with ease, speed and less stress.

Key Example 1
The Post Office has recently signed an agreement to have touch screen kiosks across the UK in over 9,000 sub post offices. Operating under the Post Office brand, the kiosks will consist of two computer screens with a keyboard and touch screen facility. The customer will be able to engage with the kiosk like a digital travel agency, exploring their choices and browsing the latest travel deals in their local Post Office. (BBC news, 2012)

Key Example 2
The use of touch screen kiosks has multiplied across the world in an abundance of airports to assist passengers with the check-in process, making it more efficient and time saving. British Airways have recently launched digital self service kiosks that allow passengers traveling from London City Airport, to print their own luggage tags. Along side touch screen check in facilities, these kiosks add to the ease and freedom of self-service.

Richard Gooding OBE, CEO, London City Airport, stated that they “welcome the launch of this new innovative technology which further strengthens commitment to transferring passengers to their destination with ease and speed.”

According to the 2012 SITA/Air Transport World Passenger Self-Service Survey, the increasing use of kiosk technology to assist travel has received positive feedback from the majority of passengers, as it minimises stress. There has been an increase of people choosing to use the self-service kiosk facilities for check-in on the day, with a total of 77% preferable. Checking in is one of the top three most stressful steps in the process, due to lengthy task of queuing.

Airports can benefit from digital kiosks for a variety of functions.

  • Fast track
  • Booking
  • Information
  • Check in
  • Payment
  • Promotion
  • Internet

The survey highlighted that people would like to see future development in technology that would allow an automated bag drop and self-service boarding. It has been reported that 74% of airlines and 60% of airports aim to introduce the automated bag drop by 2015.

Take a look at the Birmingham International Airport case study as an example of how Protouch can accelerate the every day processes in your airport.