The Different Uses Of Check in Kiosks

Automation of service and check-in has many advocates and understandably so. It’s quick, shortens queues, with great software is self-explanatory and provides the specific service right down to a tee. Of course, this means check-in kiosks have been adopted right across the self-service industry – so let’s take a look at some of the most innovative and most commonly used areas for these items.


A prominent place for check-in kiosks is the airport. Airports are a mass of queues, lines and people awaiting services from their airline. Self-service kiosks are created to reduce the incidence of such queues. The area of boarding passes and boarding pass printing is one that has benefitted from check-in kiosks.

Instead of having to queue to gain passes at desks or print them at home – something that poses a myriad of issues – travellers can do so quickly and efficiently at kiosks. These units come with facilities for reading passports and documents, as well as printers for tickets and baggage tags.

In addition they can upgrade services, make requests and perform almost all of the actions they would at a desk with an attendant. Statistics show that in an airport setting, check in kiosks can double the number of customers processed in an hour when compared to traditional methods.

Car Rental

The area of car rental is also one that has seen significant leaps in recent times and car rental check-in and check-out has become increasingly employed. These units reduce check in times, free up agents for other concerns and also allow customers to purchase ancillary products. In doing so they reduce queue times, improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and also save on costs.


The hospitality industry can utilise these kiosks in so many ways. From self-serve check in and check out hotel kiosks, to self-service concierge kiosks, the hospitality industry has been utilising kiosks from when they were in their infancy. Take a concierge kiosk and virtual receptionist software as an example of the amazing benefits of self-service kiosks. These units can be customised to provide way finding, ticket printing, VoIP call services and also for checking in and out of hotels electronically.

In the Workplace

Self-service check-in kiosks are also very beneficial in the workplace and can provide convenience for both employers and employees. From check-in and out for workers, to information, to registration for guests; kiosks can perform a number of jobs in the workplace. Kiosks can also be used for initial employee registrations, vacation requests and for updating employee information forms and info.

Medical Care

The self-service kiosk has also come into its own in a medical setting. Patient self-service kiosks are used increasingly in medical centres and hospitals for patient check in, collection of information and payments, to registration and cancellations. These units are also ideal for facilitating language translation, consent forms and gathering demographic and clinical information.

We’ve only touched on the cusp of the uses of these kiosks, but as is clear they provide significant benefits for a vast range of businesses.