Kiosks Are Harnessing Clean Technology

We're all trying to be greener in our day to day lives; everything from choosing energy saving lightbulbs, to recycling our waste. However, with technology becoming ever more prevalent in society, and the concern for its impact on the planet growing, companies have a corporate responsibility to the environment. Whether it’s supplier or buyer, it’s now in both parties best interests to take the necessary steps and precautions to be greener. The question is, can you reduce your carbon footprint whilst at the same time adopting the latest technologies?

Low energy consumption hardware

Kiosk hardware is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the user, and at the same time suit the needs of the environment; operating at maximum efficiency, whilst creating the lowest possible carbon footprint. They've come a long way since the early days when you simply had one manual on and off button, and are now designed to consume very little energy. With capabilities such as Power Save Mode your computer can save energy by turning off automatically. Likewise, if a kiosk is not going to be used, for example, after business operating hours, you can set it to shut down and then automatically reboot at a certain time. This ensures that the computer is ready when it is needed, but does not consume energy when it is not in use. The benefit of energy saving kiosks lies in low-power consumption that optimizes long-term kiosk performance and efficiency.

Eco friendly processes

Recycling doesn’t just stop at separating our plastic bottles from our everyday waste; kiosk manufacturers and buyers have a responsibility to be green too. Under the European Law, all end of life kiosks are disposed of under WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). For this reason every single piece of metal in an end of life kiosk is saved and recycled; meaning that nothing is wasted or sent to a landfill.

Green self-service initiatives

As well as fulfilling their duty of care to the environment, kiosks are helping consumers to be green too. Changes in the automated retail space are seeing self service kiosks turn eco friendly in order to help consumers recycle everything from mobile phones and coins, to day-to-day waste products. In our highly disposable economy this is a much-needed service, working to encourage recycling and save the environment. Consumers are very used to helping themselves, so the quicker and more efficient the recycling experience can be, the more likely it is that consumers will get involved and take an interest. Eco-friendly kiosks help to automate recycling, streamline the process for consumers, help the environment and save on manual labour costs.

Kiosks of the future

Eco friendly, self-supporting kiosks are going to be at the forefront of technological developments. The next generation in innovative eco-friendly kiosks is harnessing ‘clean’ energy from the power of the sun; eliminating the need for wires and reducing installation costs. Solar power technology is already in place in some parking meter and info-point type kiosks in metropolitan areas such as London, and will see energy consumption reduce dramatically.

Green technology is an exciting field and one in which we can expect to see innovative and significant progression in the future; in order to see the environment and technology working together in harmony. If you’d like to find out more about how kiosks manufacturers are taking their responsibility to the environment seriously, or find out how a green kiosk can improve your ROI, contact Protouch today.