Kiosks Are Driving Customer Satisfaction

Feedback and testimonials are invaluable to any company with 83% of UK business leaders believing that customers are the biggest drivers of change (source). Equally, the way in which companies go about obtaining that information from their customers is becoming just as important. The world today revolves around technology-based feedback and already many consumer facing industries are finding innovative ways of obtaining feedback in modern ways. So what exactly are the benefits of using a touch screen kiosk?


The average independent consumer doesn't want to be interrupted, put on the spot and asked a multitude of questions about their experience. Likewise, it is expensive for companies to employ people solely tasked with gathering this type of information. With this in mind it makes sense have the best possible system for capturing such valuable information.

Self-service kiosks can be used as another tool to help drive and gather customer feedback. By simply having a touch screen kiosk you can engage with the customer through tailored surveys, and accurately capture feedback at various touch points throughout their experience. In addition, the consumer can relay their thoughts back to the company at their own pace, resulting in higher quality responses.


Companies increasingly need and want to understand the role of the consumer in relation to their service or business, and that’s why it’s so important to stay current with feedback. However, if they’re relying upon customers to fill out questionnaires they not only have to count on being able to read their handwriting, but also need to ensure that the paperwork doesn’t get mislaid. With a touch screen kiosk companies can benefit from having access to the real-time voice of the customer, managing data from one clear interface.


Customer expectations are ever demanding and, with the rise of social media customer service, consumers expect real-time responses from businesses. Interestingly, a report by Rapide found that 81% of customers would be more likely to give feedback if they knew they would get an instant response (source).

With a customer feedback kiosk the process of comment and response is seamless; with one clear channel being used to capture customer feedback, one place for the information to be stored, and clear analysis on the data, it becomes easier for companies to respond to consumers accordingly. This, in turn, helps to build strong, loyal relationships between company and consumer; improving return-on-interest in the long term.


According to Market Force Information, 41% of shoppers said the biggest frustration is lack of interest in their needs (source). Good customer service needn’t be hard and it isn’t with a touch screen kiosk. Software solutions provided by Protouch can provide tailored analysis to measure customer satisfaction, and help businesses to identify key trends. With a touch screen kiosk you can review all of the feedback collated in one place and make key decisions based on your findings; showing that you’re not only responding to your customers, but you’re listening to their feedback and taking it onboard, in order to improve the quality of your product or service.

As younger generations increasingly look to technology to give feedback to companies about products, services and experiences is it time you improved your process? If you are looking for an easy-to-set-up, in-store kiosk solution contact Protouch and see how we can help you.

Image source: Under 30 Ceo