Venturing Outdoors With Self-Service Kiosks

Outdoor kiosks are being used more and more in high traffic locations such as car parks for payment, tourist areas for way finding and transport stations for ticketingThey differ from the typical indoor kiosks as the display screen and material has to be suited for an outdoor public environment, and therefore must withstand all weather conditions.


  • Ticketing
  • Payment
  • Information
  • Wayfinding
  • Events

Outdoor applications can offer many benefits for both users and businesses, offering an alternative platform for an interactive touch screen in a public space.


  • Convenience
  • Time saving
  • Self- guided
  • Ideal for high traffic public areas
  • Targeted information delivery
  • Increased revenue
  • Advertising

An outdoor kiosk must be designed to be industrial, sturdy and suited for harsh conditions. This means that all the peripherals involved should be individually tailored too. For example, wires and cables need to be in casing and keyboards are ideally made from a resistant material. An outdoor screen must be readable in sunlight

Considerations for deployment

  • Function
  • Location
  • Reliability
  • Vandalism
  • Temperature control
  • Weather
  • Sun light

The need to be robust does not counteract the need to be aesthetically pleasing. With all the right materials in place, an outdoor kiosk can still be attractive and visually inviting for users, with branding in place.

Groupon have deployed 30 outdoor kiosks in tourist hot spots, to promote and sells their latest deals. The kiosks are being utilized to invite passers by to interact and purchase deals specifically targeted at tourists. With the Groupon branding and colour scheme, the industrial kiosk stands out in an outdoor environment.

Take a look at our latest Xen X4 outdoor kiosk fit for all outdoor purposes and weather conditions, with its robust steel body and anti-vandal high brightness screen.