Top 9 Consumer Trends for 2013

Businesses should be grabbing the opportunity to fulfil consumers’ expectations, demands and desires for the New Year. There has to be awareness of the latest trends and consumer needs in order to maximise products, technologies and services. What do consumers want and expect from 2013?

Consumer Trends

1. Presumers
Consumers are becoming more involved with brands and the launching of products. They know what they want and are engaging more with products pre-launch. In turn, businesses and brands are allowing consumers to engage using different platforms to promote their products.

2. Emergence
Consumers are increasingly expectant of markets and technologies to emerge.

3. Mobiles
In 2013, consumers will be maximising every experience using their mobile phones with the desire to embrace a multi-functional convenient lifestyle.

4. Sustainability
The sustainability of products is a growing consumer trend that will continue to grow in the upcoming year. Consumers are becoming more interested in shelf life, recyclability and new things being made from the old.

5. Apps
Apps will be utilised to provide services and maximise their delivery. Users will be expecting to see use of apps in the healthcare sector in 2013.

6. Culture
Emerging technologies will be expected to reflect cultural influences and trends, and will become of interest to global consumers.

7. Niches
Consumers will be on the hunt for the ‘new’ or the niche services, experiences and products within the markets. They will desire the discovery of innovation and the next best technology.

8. Brands
Consumers will be demanding more out of their loyal brands, expecting them to be bold with their values and adhere to their responsibilities.

9. Social Media
Consumers are creating relationships with brands through social media such as Facebook, You Tube etc. Social networks will continue to intergrated with Smartphones and new technologies.

Trends in new technologies are changing parallel to the constant changes in consumer trends, to meet consumers’ needs. Trends in touch screen will develop in the New Year, which will advance self-service kiosks. Protouch works hard to be at the forefront of movements in touch screen technologies to ensure our kiosk solutions are fitting for 2013.