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Here at Protouch we’re always keeping our blog up to date with the latest kiosk industry news and trends, to help both retailers and businesses to be as successful as they can. With a wealth of information available on our blog here’s a re-cap of 5 of our most recent articles you might have missed.

Kiosks Improving Healthcare

With the patient to doctor ratio at an all time high, and doctors time becoming increasingly more valuable, kiosks can prove to be a huge resource to the shortage issues; not to mention a great tool for empowering patients too. From sexual health and prescription dispensing, to appointment making and checking in, kiosks are making a huge impact on remote healthcare. Read on to find out more about how kiosks are improving healthcare.

Is Buying Cheap Chinese Kiosks a False Saving?

Everyone likes to make savings where they can, however, is it ever really a saving when you’re compromising on quality? From running into replacement and spare part issues, to dealing with communication barriers; Protouch takes a closer look at why buying cheap chinese kiosks could be a false saving in the long run.

5 Technologies We May See in Kiosks of the Future

It’s always exciting to look to the future and predict what may lie ahead. With technology always evolving, and kiosks always on the cusp of technology, Protouch takes an exciting look at 5 emerging technologies including; eye control, 3D printing kiosks and modern day vending machines. Read the full article to find out more about these technologies and if we can expect to see them being used in kiosks of the future.

The Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks in HR

Touch screen kiosks are not solely reserved for consumer facing sectors, and can prove highly beneficial when rolled out in corporate environments too. Protouch take a look at how the adoption of touch screen kiosks in a HR department can heightened the level of help and support for employees, enrich engagement, and can aim to reduce employee turnover in the long run. Read the full article and find out all of the benefits of touch screen kiosks in HR.

Kiosks Are Driving Customer Satisfaction

The world today revolves around technology-based feedback and already many consumer facing industries are finding innovative ways of obtaining feedback in modern ways. For this reason we take a closer look at exactly how kiosks are driving customer satisfaction and bridging the gap between company and consumer.

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The Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks in HR

From travel and banking, to retail and hospitality, there's no denying that the digital touch screen industry is paving the way for the future of the consumer landscape. However, touch screen kiosks are not solely reserved for consumer facing sectors, and can prove highly beneficial when rolled out in corporate environments too.

Research carried out by CIPD found that engagement levels among staff have plummeted to record lows – costing organisations a fortune. The CIPD’s Spring 2013 Employee Outlook survey found that only 37 per cent of staff are actively engaged at work, a figure that drops to 33 per cent in the public sector. While the survey focuses mainly on re-engagement in a social sense, seeing companies investing in internal social media platforms, the findings can also be applied to the successful deployment of touch screen kiosks in HR departments.

New generation technologies can inject fresh takes on age old practices. Touch screen kiosks not only provide a number of ways to enhance employee experience, but they come with many other benefits too, including;

Employee engagement

As individuals become less focused and more accustomed to processing an abundance of real-time information, it is fundamental that businesses find more ways to better engage with employees. Touch screen information kiosks help to bridge the digital divide for around 30-40% of employees; who do not have daily access to desktop computers, such as those who work in manufacturing.  When placed in high-traffic areas like canteens or communal rooms, touch screen kiosks allow HR departments to connect and engage with their entire work force, without needing be present.

Time saving

A touch screen kiosk can alleviate HR staff from the inconvenience of menial tasks, that do not need to be performed by a human. For example, instead of relying on staff members to answer questions, employees can use a touch screen kiosk to access company FAQs or other relevant information; such as company policies, benefits, payslips, holiday allowances and so on. As well as this, if your business has departments which operate outside of the usual 9-5, Monday to Friday hours, touch screen kiosks can allow employees to access information and complete numerous HR tasks, around the clock. By deploying a touch screen kiosk, HR teams can spend more time on more important jobs and employees can benefit from a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Environmentally friendly

Many companies are now moving away from paper payslips, holiday request and time tracking forms as they begin to see the benefits of digital information points.The increasing costs of printer ink cartridges, versus the decreasing amount of printer ink inside the cartridges, means that they are not good value for money. Adding to this, The Environmental Protection Agency claims that we get through 4 million tons of copy paper annually; which, as we know, comes at a significant cost to both businesses and the environment. Living in the age of technology makes using less paper and ink cartridges in the office easier, with touch screen kiosks carrying out a range of tasks at a significantly lower price.

More control

Transparency is important to employees and the more control and involvement they are given in the HR process, the more empowered they will feel. With a stand alone computerised system employees can conduct human resource tasks themselves, having greater control over their benefits, work hours, holiday allowance and payslips. All of this can be managed in real time without the need of HR representatives being present.

Cost effective

When all of the benefits are considered together HR kiosks prove to be highly cost effective. Such a machine can save a company a great deal in overheads; from reducing HR staffing costs and training, to saving on printing and eliminating distribution costs. As well as this, with self serve kiosks providing a heightened level of help and support for employees, and enriching engagement, companies can aim to reduce employee turnover in the long run.

Deloitte rates only 6 per cent of HR departments as ‘excellent’ for their analytics, with over 60 per cent labelled ‘poor’. With this in mind perhaps it’s time you re-evaluated your HR department and started thinking about how it could be improved with the adoption of touch screen kiosks; to offer more satisfaction for your employees and a greater return on interest for your company.

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