Automated Reception Kiosks At The BBC Worldwide Showcase

With the emergence in touch screen technology, users are becoming more accepting of the notion of a self-service culture. Touch screen kiosk solutions are being utilised within businesses and organisations to maximise resources and streamline processes.

The BBC has recently invested in launching automated reception kiosks. Their main purpose is to provide a point where visitors are able to register their arrival with ease and simplicity. Whilst they still have the chance to interact with a receptionist in person, the reception kiosks offer an interactive, self-service option that enhances the user experience. With the integration of software, the kiosk is able to create a log of visits.

Key features include:

  • Touch screen sign-in
  • Motion sensor to trigger display
  • Webcam takes photo of visitor
  • Prints visitor pass with photo
  • Information storage

Twelve reception kiosks also featured at the BBC Worldwide Showcase Liverpool 2012, which were established to enable visitors to sign in upon arrival. As first impressions are vital, the kiosks were designed to be aesthetically pleasing and adapt to the contemporary space. Having twelve applications available means that the kiosks are able to deal with a large volume of visitors, thus, crowding and queues can be minimised. The kiosks received positive feedback in that a large proportion of the visitors used them and were satisfied with the service they provided.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced queuing times
  • Sped-up process
  • Less receptionists needed
  • Handles large volume of visitors at one time
  • Allows visitors to interact with event

See how Protouch Solutions can offer your business similar benefits. For example, take a look at our NHS case study, where we installed a queue management kiosk in Nottingham University Hospital.