A Summary Of Protouch’s Retail Kiosk Guide

Take a look at Protouch’s guide to boosting in store sales with automated kiosks. From augmenting services to engaging your customers, in-store kiosks are cost effective solutions for any retail business looking to thrive.

Step 1: How a kiosk can help your store
Self service retail kiosks can empower your customers by offering them accessible information, speeding up the payment process and reducing queuing times. Also improving the customer experience is the new dynamics of the staff. With the self-service systems in place, they have more time to focus on one-to-one customer assistance. In-store kiosks give you the opportunity to engage customers with loyalty schemes, rewards and in-store promotions, as well as access to the Internet.

Step 2: Get the most out of your kiosk
There are important aspects to consider when successfully deploying a kiosk. Firstly, determine the purpose of your kiosk, what will it offer the customer? Secondly, think about the software. Does it guide your user through a clear, simple journey? A simple on-screen journey encourages interaction and improves customer satisfaction. Thirdly, you mustn’t underestimate the power of effective marketing. Get your kiosk off the ground with in-store advertising. Location is another key aspect that can be make or break for your application. Carefully select the location with visibility and accessibility in mind. Lastly, get your staff on board to get the most out of your new investment.

Step 3: Reap the benefits
Our kiosk solutions offer a multitude of benefits for both your business and your customer. As a worthwhile investment, an automated kiosk in-store will augment your services, save on costs and help boost sales. Your customer is given a hassle-free, more efficient shopping experience that invites them to come back to the store.

To read in more detail, take a look at the full guide and gain insight into how our kiosk could boost your in-store sales.

Why Interactive Kiosks Are Great For Events

With the rise in interactive kiosks, users are engaging more and more with digital content at events, such as festivals, conferences, sports events and exhibitions. The ability to have both outdoor and indoor solutions expands the possibilities for event organisers.

Payment and ticketing

Ticketing is the process that benefits the most from being automated at an event. Automated kiosks make the ticketing and payment process streamlined and more efficient, which in turn reduces queues. For instance, at major sports events, the challenge arises when there’s a large volume of visitors who want to get into the venue as quick as possible. A ticketing kiosk also allows for a fast track ticket collection option.

Visitor management

At corporate events and large conferences, automated kiosks provide an outlet to control visitor entry and manage queues. In providing a self-service system, visitors can register their arrival with ease and speed in an unmanned area. Visitor management kiosks are useful to welcome guests, monitor entry and tighten security.


Accessible around the clock, visitors have the opportunity to access digital, 3D maps and wayfinding information with interactive kiosks. Wayfinding kiosks can also direct attendees to meeting rooms in corporate events, give exhibition information and show specific points of interest.

Internet and information

Deployment of Internet kiosks at major events has plenty of benefits. Firstly, providing Internet access points can facilitate marketing campaigns, linking to web pages and encouraging sharing on social media sites. Festival goers are the ideal audience for internet kiosks as they will desire social networking. Kiosks are an effective way to market a business, brand or product at an event. They can increase brand awareness, promote offers and deliver targeted information. Secondly, Internet points give people the freedom to access useful information, such as festival programmes and event schedules.

Event organisers can capitalise on using automated kiosk systems to augment a wide range of aspects. Giving the attendees access to these facilities enhances their overall experience, so it’s worth considering using a kiosk to make your event a success.

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Kiosks Are Improving Visitor Management

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Kiosks Are Harnessing Clean Technology

As technology becomes ever more prevalent in society, and the concern for environmentally solutions ever growing, companies now have a corporate responsibility to ensure that the technology they use works in harmony with the environment. In this blog Protouch take a closer look at how touch screen kiosks are harnessing clean technology.

Growing Appetite for Self Service in Restaurants

With a growing desire for more digital touchpoints in consumer facing environments, restaurants in-particular are starting to see the benefits of using tablet devices and touch screen kiosks. Offering everything from virtual concierge, digital menus, bookings, social media engagement, special offers and so on, touch screen kiosks are maximising micro-convenience and enhancing the overall customer experience. If you’re in the catering industry read on to find out more about the growing appetite for self service in restaurants.

Marketing your Kiosk; 3 Tips for Success

Knowing how to successfully market your kiosk is the difference between it being a positive addition to your business and not adding much value at all. In this blog Protouch take a look at how your kiosk can have a strong impact and essential make your customers want to use your product. Read on to find out our 3 top tips for marketing your kiosk.

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Growing Appetite for Self Service in Restaurants

In the fast paced, ever changing world of technology, it's vital to keep your finger firmly on the digital pulse in order to keep up with the latest trends and consumer demands. While our familiarity and reliance on tablet devices and digital screens grows, so does our desire for more digital touch points in the areas where we live, work, shop, travel and socialise. Restaurants, in-particular, are now seeing the benefits of using tablet devices to maximise micro-convenience and customer experience, with tablets wrapping up everything that we're used to in a traditional sense; offering virtual concierge, digital menus, bookings, social media engagement, special offers and so on.

Digital Signage

Digital menus allow restaurants to entice and seduce customers through high-definition, interactive images; as opposed to traditionally print images, which are flat and lifeless. Digital images give restaurants far more flexibility and creativity to display eye catching and mouthwatering images.

When places in high-traffic areas, digital signs are excellent ways in which to capture the customer's attention as they walk past or queue up for service. This provides an excellent opportunity to upsell items, make recommendations and offer incentives. All of which can increase sales and improve ROI.

Self-serve kiosks

In 2012 it was predicted that a total of 44% of consumers would opt to use a self-service terminal, and 40% would choose to use a Smartphone application to place a food order. To reflect this many restaurants are now catching up with touch screen technologies, as they explore innovative ways to go above and beyond the standard level of service.

So far, 2013 has seen 28% of restaurant owners showing strong interest in having a mobile app, and there is a growing appetite for the technology amongst consumers too; with 67% now interested in booking their tables through an app (source).

With freestanding tablet kiosks and easy touchscreen interactions, customers are able to place orders easily, pay for their food quickly and efficiently, and access nutritional information at the touch of a screen. All of these simple tasks put the customer in control, freeing up staff for other jobs and improving the overall dining experience for the customer.

Other benefits include;

Nutritional/Allergy information
Loyalty schemes
Payment terminals
Social media engagement
Reduce staff

Restaurants kiosks provide a wealth of benefits, not only to the customer, but to the company too. At a relatively low to deploy it’s worth considering how a touch screen kiosk can help your business by improving overall customer satisfaction, as well as ROI. Contact Protouch today and find out how you can start reaping the benefits of a restaurant kiosk.