Monthly Roundup

Did you miss a few of our articles in August? Not to worry because we've got a recap of last month’s blogs; bringing you all of the latest news and trends in the kiosk and touch screen industry. Catch up with our monthly round up now and find out more about how a touch screen kiosk can add value to your business.

Kiosks Are Improving Visitor Management

With self service technologies becoming increasingly valuable in helping streamline everyday tasks, many corporations are now realising the potential of touch screen kiosks in dealing with the management of digitally native visitors. Combining new technologies with old practices touch screen kiosks are now being deployed by many companies in order to help with visitor management by pre-registering visitors, accounting for visitors on-site, printing and scanning visitor badges and so on. Find out more about how kiosks are improving visitor management.

Is Digital Learning the Way of the Future?

Now the summer has come to an end and students are going back-to-school there’s no better time to find out how E-learning is becoming integral to the modern day classroom. With benefits such higher levels of engagement, independent learning and providing teacher support, Protouch look at how digital learning could be the way of the future. Read the blog in full to find interesting stats and more information on the topic.

Kiosks Are Harnessing Clean Technology

As technology becomes ever more prevalent in society, and the concern for environmentally solutions ever growing, companies now have a corporate responsibility to ensure that the technology they use works in harmony with the environment. In this blog Protouch take a closer look at how touch screen kiosks are harnessing clean technology.

Growing Appetite for Self Service in Restaurants

With a growing desire for more digital touchpoints in consumer facing environments, restaurants in-particular are starting to see the benefits of using tablet devices and touch screen kiosks. Offering everything from virtual concierge, digital menus, bookings, social media engagement, special offers and so on, touch screen kiosks are maximising micro-convenience and enhancing the overall customer experience. If you’re in the catering industry read on to find out more about the growing appetite for self service in restaurants.

Marketing your Kiosk; 3 Tips for Success

Knowing how to successfully market your kiosk is the difference between it being a positive addition to your business and not adding much value at all. In this blog Protouch take a look at how your kiosk can have a strong impact and essential make your customers want to use your product. Read on to find out our 3 top tips for marketing your kiosk.

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